Faithful Not Successful

On Loan, On Layover [Guest Post by Annamarie Adkins]

Annamarie Adkins is a Catholic wife and mother to four children, two of whom were malades that we ...

What your grandma meant by “offer it up,” and how to make your life a gift to the world

It's time for another Lourdes story. Also another "Christy hearing voices" story. (Those two things usually happen together...) ...

The care and feeding of a keto kid (now with 100% more gifs!)

When we'll be out of the house all day, we prep all of Oscar's food and meds the ...
St. Oscar Romero

What’s in a name? How our kids got their Catholic saint names and why it matters

Our family has an unwritten but unbroken rule about naming our children. Every child gets a first name ...
All Saints

#7QT: 7 great saints to know for neurological problems

Catholicism is awash with patron saints for anything and everything. Because the saints are living in heaven, so close to ...
Woman sitting in a field overlooking mountains

How to manage your special needs grief (without letting it own you)

On the Sunday between Christmas and New Year's Day, the church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family. ...

How we (fake) toddler Montessori at home with a special needs child

Oscar hit the big 0-3 last week. I still regularly call him, "Baby Oscar," and one of my ...

Different gifts, same spirit

Oscar turns three in a couple months, which means that he will qualify for Preschool Program for Children ...
Kids ready for their first day of school.

#7QT: Seven things about the first (normal) week of school

Okay, sure, school actually began LAST week, but I left halfway through the week to take Theda on ...

The courage to risk failure

I passed my first CLEP exam yesterday: Biology. On a scale from 20 to 80, I got a ...
Christy Wilkens

Meet Christy

I’m a Catholic wife, mother of six, and writer who wrestles with the problem of pain. What does faith look like in times of adversity and struggle? I’m so glad to have you here, joining the conversation. Learn more about me 🠖

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