I am Christy Wilkens, wife to a tremendously patient and tender husband, Todd, and the mother of six tireless (no, seriously–tireless) children. We live in a tumbledown farmhouse on five unkempt acres. I drive a 12 passenger van and we live and breathe audiobooks. We fulfill every stereotype you have about orthodox Catholic homeschoolers.

Except the one about a perfect faith life. This blog is the story of our hopes, dreams, prayers, doubts, and fears for our family and our children, and in particular the one child who has stretched us further than we dreamed we would ever be called to go. Our son, Oscar, was diagnosed with epilepsy and global developmental delay, due to a multitude of not-yet-understood genetic anomalies, at five months of age.

The last “before” family portraitdsc_0577

We laugh a lot. We yell a lot. We hug a lot, and cry a lot, and we try and usually fail to pray a lot. It is a work in progress.

This blog is the story of our attempts to be faithful — to God and to each other — even though we are so rarely completely successful.