A place at the table

If you are a parent, come in
If you are a carer a warrior a crier
A believer a seeker not-sure what’s-on-high-er
If you’ve ever suffered come in

(with humble apologies to Shel Silverstein)

Just who is this blog for, anyway?

I have shared these early posts with a few friends. I have hesitated to share them with anyone else because it isn’t crystal clear to me yet what this blog is trying to be. I think now that it doesn’t matter. At least not yet.

One friend commented that while she found the posts interesting, she worried people might be afraid to comment because they haven’t gone through what we have,. Because, to be precise, they don’t have a child with special needs. Lemme just nip that in the bud right here.

  • Have you ever spent a night at your sick child’s bedside wondering whether you should take her to the ER?
  • Have you ever despaired over a seemingly intractable problem in a loved one’s life, whether it is one you created, he created himself, someone else created, or no one could possibly have foreseen, let alone created?
  • Have you ever worried about the state of our world, or wondered how a benevolent God can allow suffering in it?
  • In short, are you a human being who enjoys loving people and asking difficult questions?

Yes? Please pull up a chair and stay a while.

Some of the most insightful, helpful, uplifting moments in our special needs journey so far have come from other special needs parents. Others have come from parents of “typical” kids, adults without kids, relatives, teachers, neighbors, philosophers, librarians, dog-catchers, baristas, nuns, and other kids. Okay, fine, I don’t know any dog-catchers. I think you get my point, though.

I started writing down these ideas for myself, as a way to process what has happened to us since May 2016. But I started them as a blog because they were too much for me to keep to myself. I hope you find them helpful, but I know I find your participation in this process helpful. Welcome, join us, and thank you for being here.